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Are you looking for CO2 cylinders? Do you want to buy hydroponic products or fire extinguishers? Trust Benoit Dupuis and his team who offer you a personalized service to meet all your needs.
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Small and Large Companies

Rely On Our Expertise

Whether you are a small or large business, we have been serving people for over 35 years.

Benoit Dupuis Extincteurs has ensured the safety of people at the Just for Laughs Festival, the International Hot Air Balloon Festival of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and many other events, in addition to offering other services to hundreds of companies over the past three decades.

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Rigor. Security. Professionalism.

Our Services

Benoit Dupuis
CO2 Products

You can rent a CO2 cylinder on a short or long term basis or request a refill.

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Benoit Dupuis
Hydroponic Product

Purchase numerous products for growing indoors (fertilizers, filters, bulbs and more).

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Benoit Dupuis
Fire Extinguishers

For the purchase, rental and filling of fire extinguishers, we are your trusted partner.

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Our Priority


Since our beginnings, we have ensured the safety of tens of thousands of people.

We offer products from the largest distributors of fire fighting equipment and we apply the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) codes.

Our trained team will make sure we understand your needs and provide you with products that will guarantee optimal safety.

Prices Throughout Québec Are


Thanks to our competitive prices, the Benoit Dupuis Extincteurs team will be able to adapt to your budget in order to meet all your needs.

Whether it is for filling CO2 cylinders, renting fire extinguishers, purchasing hydroponic products or other, we offer a delivery service throughout Quebec.