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CO2 Cylinders & Filling

No matter what you are looking for in terms of CO2, Benoit Dupuis Extincteurs is there for you.

We offer several cylinder sizes: between 5Lbs (2 kg) and 100 lbs (45 kg), whether portable or fixed. In addition, we respect the safety codes and standards set by NFPA. Our equipment was designed by the largest manufacturers of fire safety equipment.

No matter your budget, we are here to serve you with our various options. Whether you are renting a short or long-term CO2 cylinder, we offer you the formula best suited to your budget.

By purchasing or renting your fire extinguisher cylinder from us, you will be entitled to the fastest delivery service anywhere in Quebec. In addition to the fire extinguisher cylinders, we offer a wide range of high quality hydroponic products.

Calculation of CO2 Requirements

Calculation Method
Example: For a room of 10’x10’x10′, or 1000 cubic feet

With an adequate CO2 enrichment in your inner garden, production can be increased by about 20 to 30%. In addition to having healthier foliage, this will increase the size of the flowers and fruits, which will be much denser and heavier. And finally, CO2 reduces the growth and flowering time.

Several elements must be taken into consideration to achieve an excellent result, as follows :

  1. Lots of light
  2. Temperature rise (between 90 and 95 degrees F)
  3. Increase of up to double for water and food requirements
  4. Sequential ventilation and room hermeticity to retain the added CO2 supplement
  5. Ideal volume of CO2 required in air for plants: 1500 ppm – 300 ppm (present in air) = Added: 1200 ppm

Method 1
(Daily amount of CO2 in ft. cube / day for a given space)

  1. Room size: height x width x length. Ex: 10’x10’x10′ = 1000′ cu. (1000 ft. Cube)
  2. Amount of CO2 in cubic feet required per day for a room from 1000 cubic feet at 1500 ppm: (Room dimension x hyp. and ct no. 1) 1000′ cu. x 0.04 ft. cu./day = 40 cubic feet of CO2 per day maintains a 1000 cubic feet room at 1500 ppm.
  3. Since we already have 20% of our needs in the ambient air: Required Supplement = 40 ft. cu x 80% = 32 ft. cu of CO2 per day 32 ft. cu x 18 hours (75%) = 24 ft. cu of CO2 per day 32 ft. cu x 12 hours (50%) = 16 ft. cu of CO2 per day
  4. It is known that 1 lb of CO2 = 8.7 ft. cu (hyp and ct #2): So, 16 feet. cu divide by 8.7 ft. cu = 1.84 lb of CO2 / day for 12 hours of use.
  5. Cylinder lifetime: Ex: Cyl 20 lbs x 8.7 ft. cu / pound (hyp. and cte 2) = 174 ft. cu = 20 lb cycle capacity / 1.84 lb / day = or = 174/16 =10.8 day = service life

Method 2
(Addition of CO2 determined by regulating the flow of a regulator (cubic foot/hour) according to the desired ppm)

  1. Room size x ppm desired = Diffusion adjustment (measurement scale expressing the flow of CO2 injected in cubic feet per hour by regulator adjustment) Ex: 1000 ft. cu x 0.0012 = 1.2 ft. cu of CO2 injected per hour.
  2. Daily CO2 requirement in ft. cu: 1.2 ft. cu per hour x 12 hours = 14.4 ft. cu / day
  3. Once our daily CO2 needs have been quantified, either in cubic feet or in pounds, it is possible to distribute it in a continuous sequence or in several sequences after each aeration cycle.