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Fire protection

Portable Extinguishers, Rental of Extinguishers and Filling

We specialize in filling and checking your fire extinguisher cylinders at home. No matter the capacity and characteristics, we guarantee you an impeccable service. After our intervention, your equipment will be ready again to guarantee your safety.

With our fleet of several trucks, we serve the entire province in terms of fire extinguishers and other products and services.

Our professionals are ready to offer you our services to fill your fixed or mobile extinguishers at home. We must not forget that normally fire extinguishers must be filled every 5 years, without forgetting that our prices are most competitive.

Our teams are ready to help you find the perfect solution for fire extinguishers, no matter what type of extinguisher you are looking for.

For your fire protection, we will provide you with a most detailed inspection report with the following information:
・ The brand
・ Size
・ Serial number
・ Location of fire extinguisher
・ Date of next maintenance action

This way, you will be able to better manage your entire fire protection.